On March 5, 2013 at 12.00 pm the ATM Center of Film Production in Warsaw opens a presentation of MEDIO - a brand new multimedia technology by Cinesoft Ltd., a specialized M&E technology developer from Moscow, Russia.


The globalization and the pressure of the global mass culture on the modern society makes us all be more and more concerned on how to save, preserve and popularize the culture that is real and authentic - classic fine arts, history, language - in a word, everything that makes up the national identity and tradition.

The issue is the most important for our young generations, being brought up in the borderless world of Internet and global commodity. Museums, with their cultural values and historical knowledge, must do their best to win the time and attention of the audience from other leisure options - TV, social networks, videogames, etc.

The winning strategy to boost up the competitive power of museum exhibitions is not to confront the modern technologies, channels and formats, but on the contrary, to adopt them and promote the accumulated cultural heritage in a more lucid, entertaining format.

This strategy has been developed and successfully applied by many museum institutions, and it even got its own name - “Infotainment”, formed from two key components - “Information” and “Entertainment”.

The presentation is devoted to the infotainment applied technology, named MEDIO, which has been developed in late 2012, with the State Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg as its early adopter.

MEDIO is tailor-fit for museums, art galleries and exhibitions, providing a unique set of features for onsite and online multimedia presentations. The system lets presenters choose, view and group images and videos, create and save playlists, and control content broadcast to the screen and from/to the internet - all controlled by a touch interface.

- First Session: 12.00 - Press, museums technicians and decision makers
- Second Session: 3 pm - Companies registered for the event

If you wish to visit the presentation and take part in the hands-on live demo, please send a query to Robert Mitrosz or call +48 604797330.

About the presenters:

cinesoft_logoCinesoft Ltd. was founded in 2009 by a group of IT engineers focused on Media & Entertainment. It is one of the few Russian software developers providing business applications for media management. This is the core business and the main expertise of the company. One of the latest interactive multimedia projects released by the company is the Multimedia Center of the Russian Museum. Cinesoft took part in the project as a hardware expert and a software developer, taking over the end-to-end MEDIO complex deployment. The company’s headquarters are in Moscow, Russia.

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